A (paradoxical) interactive light sculpture

In a world that is becoming increasingly digitised, it is rare that people take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the nature surrounding them-such as clouds. The Pixelated CLOUD combines natural and digital worlds with its form and challenges the viewer to think about the world that surrounds them.
The irony being- that to gain the attention of the current generation, we had to build a cloud in a form more familiar to the digital age. It is man-made nature.

Pixelated Cloud is:
A urban light sculpture.
A translucent tinted grey Pixelated CLOUD, in day time.
Rainbows colors glowing, at night time.
An ecologic illumination auto-powered by solar panels.
An aluminium frame with over 3000 grey tinted Acrylic cubes (pixels).
An interaction with the public: The public can connect to a website and select the colors of Pixelated CLOUD.
A poetic response to our digitised generation.
Eco- illuminated by solar panel and controlled by WiFi.
The Pass-by will have access to a website where they will be able to colorise the Pixelated CLOUD.
An installation subject to colour, light, water, wind and technology.